"Therapy is designed to release the soul's inborn brilliance and beauty." John Pierrakos


Body-psychotherapy is based on the integration of the present body, mind and emotion in a context of relational co-regulation. My somatic work is based on the perspective of J.Bowlby's attachment theory, body mindfulness, neuropsychology, Stephen Porges' polyvagal theory, Laurence Heller's Neuro-Affective Relational Model (NARM) approach, Interpersonal Neuro-Biology (IPNB) by PhD Daniel Siegel and Core Energetics by John Pierrakos.


When we are born, we have all the vital energy flowing freely in our organism. Throughout our growth, we live painful experiences that generate reactions in our physical, emotional and mental bodies, blocking the natural flow of vital energy. These defense mechanisms were crucial in our childhood to survive at the time to be able to maintain the most primary attachment relationship. However, when we keep repeating them throughout our lives in our present, they no longer serve us because they limit our full expression and satisfaction as adults. Body-oriented psychotherapy explores the obstacles that disconnect us from the vital flow and that prevent us from connecting with ourselves, and invites us to take new actions in the present that help us emotionally complete the traumatic experiences of the past.


In the sessions, I accompany you in a space of trust and security to allow the physical and emotional expression of your life experiences in a two-way cognitive-bodily approach. I use curiosity, listening to your bodily emotions, neutrality, and presence to allow experiences to emerge in order to integrate an embodied awareness of the internal conflict that was previously perceived as irreconcilable. In a therapeutic process you learn to increase your ability to authentically feel your negative and positive emotions, to integrate internal conflicts leaving room for the vital energy that you learned to retain in the past, and to experience new possibilities of acting in the present in the face of situations that previously generated an automatic reaction.

A therapeutic process requires a commitment to your own growth in order to come into contact with the hidden parts of yourself and incorporate the qualities that make you a unique and more complete being..

Sessions can be in Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Portuguese.


"We breathe as we live, and we live as we breathe"


Rebirthing Breathwork is a profound and effective personal development and healing therapy based on conscious and connected breathing of vital energy. Connected breathing means breathing without pauses between inhalation and exhalation in a circular motion similar to a baby's spontaneous breathing. The circularity of the breath allows us to breathe not only oxygen, but also Energy, Prana or Qi.

Rebirthing therapy also studies the trauma of birth and its effects on your life.

The objective of breathing therapy is to give a sense to the present, resignifying what prevented us from evolving in the past, looking from the attention and full awareness of the current healthy adult.

Throughout the therapeutic process, you learn about your breathing patterns and how to modify them in order to regulate your emotional states, expand your ability to feel, and broaden your self-awareness. My work with breathing is subtle and full of presence, paying special attention and care to create a safe and trusting space to deepen in your process.


By increasing the amount of vital energy in your body in a smooth and safe way, you begin to release physical tension, sometimes come into contact with limiting mental beliefs, or experience blocked emotions in your system that have been unconscious in your life history. Normally the process brings to consciousness the unconscious experiences that you are ready to process and give new meaning to your life.

The releasing process is naturally followed by an integration process. It is usually experienced as a state of deep peace, relaxation, and connection with oneself. Your consciousness is then expanded and you have the ability to integrate new experiences giving them a new meaning, different from what it used to be for you.



The benefits of breathing vary greatly for each person and session. Although the main benefits are best obtained in long-term treatments, a single session can also bring profound positive changes in your life. Throughout a Rebirthing treatment:

√ You release chemical toxins and heavy metals from your body by oxygenating your cells and organs

√ You calm your nervous system and decrease anxiety

√ You increase immunity and feel more vitality

√ You relax and open your diaphragm

√ You balance the metabolic system

√ You regulate your moods and

√ You improve concentration and mental clarity.

Breathing is such a natural and effective tool to balance our nervous system that in a few sessions you can perceive great changes in your life.



"The womb aquatic environment is our first home on Earth."


When we develop as human beings, the embryo grows and matures in the uterine aquatic environment. It is in this watery and warm environment where we have our first experiences of being nurtured, cared for, of being in union with the mother, our first dreams, and where we also develop not only our organs, skeleton and first synaptic circuits. It is scientifically proved that the unborn baby feels, hears, and attunes to the environment, having our first sensorial experiences that will impact our perception and beliefs about Life.


Aquatic therapy prepares you in a warm environment so that the nervous system soothes, muscles relax, tensions loosen and the mind releases the need for control.

In an aquatic therapy session, the body lays down in a horizontal position, floating and being supported and guided by the therapist's arms on the surface of the water. The continuous movement of the floating body is simultaneously combined with gentle stretching and massage in areas that accumulate tension, using as well the relaxing effect of the water waves. The contact of the water waves on the mind and body has a calming effect on the nervous system and modifies the brain waves.

The water session can be done on the surface, or you can be invited to explore movements underwater. Being held and immersed in hot water can bring to consciousness early prenatal and birth somatic memories, as water is the very atmosphere we grew up in in the womb.

My therapeutic approach is that you can physically, emotionally and mentally integrate the experiences that the session brings you in the present moment. Being such an intimate and delicate experience, it requires the sensitivity and professional preparation of the therapist to accompany you safely and held in any memory or emotion that may arise in contact with water.


I offer several types of sessions in water according to your needs:





In this therapeutic program I accompany you through Rebirthing Breathwork sessions to bring into consciousness emotions, physical sensations and memories that were suppressed in your implicit memory. By making explicit the memory of the negated parts of you, you can integrate them into your life narrative. In each breathing session I use body psychotherapeutical tools to explore and expand your ability to feel and integrate new experiences that will help you bring greater coherence and meaning to your life. In order to inquire into your therapeutic process, a minimum commitment of 10 sessions is required, from which we will evaluate the continuation of the process.

- 8 Rebirthing Breathwork and body psychotherapy sessions
- 2 breathing sessions in a warm water pool



Your own birth is like a fractal wave of your existence. The moment of your birth and the events surrounding it marked the first impressions of your life. Knowing your birth reveals the keys to an internal program that conditions your behavior.
Rebirthing Breathing Therapy can be a tool to access unconscious memories, sometimes from being in the womb, particularly when there is some trauma to be repaired. I accompany you to explore the stages of your Birth Script from conception, pregnancy, birth and the first months of life, in order to integrate them into a new narrative of life.

- 8 Rebirthing Breathwork sessions including the study of all stages of your birth

- 2 Breathing sessions in a warm water pool.



Body Psychotherapist
Rebirthing Breathwork Therapist


I live in Ibiza, where I offer individual Therapy sessions from a Somatic and Relational approach, and Rebirthing Breathing Therapy. I began my journey as a therapist in search of my well-being from a very young age. I inquired into my self-knowledge through individual pshychotherapy, meditation, group process work, and nonviolent communication.

My interest in understanding the human psyche led me to train as a Transpersonal Therapist (Madrid 2011-2012), Rebirthing Breathwork Therapist (Barcelona/Brazil 2013-2015) and as a Body-oriented Psychotherapist in Core Energetics (Holland 2016-2020).

Recently trained  in the Neuro-Affective Relational Model (NARM®), Attachment Theory and Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB D.Siegel) in search of a neuroscientific therapeutic approach that responds to my concerns to learn to self-regulate the nervous system and feel safe in the body in a world that sometimes felt emotionally overwhelming. Interpersonal approaches to emotion regulation have radically reoriented my therapeutic work to address the psychosomatic dynamics of attachment in a relational context.


  • I hold a safe and trusting space for you to open and  explore your inner world

  • I accompany you to find a compassionate, non-judgmental look at the internal dynamics you have built to survive until today

  • I support you to become aware of the mechanisms that hide the true desire to live

  • I invite you to experience in the body the possibilities of making new decisions

  • I hold the space for you to expand your capacity to emotionally regulate yourself in the present

  • I accompany you to embody your experiences, feelings and sensations

  • I support you to self-regulate your nervous system

  • I accompany you in creating new neural pathways to repair in the present old emotional wounds

I will be happy to be part of your transformational process

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